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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgalleygal‧ley /ˈɡæli/ noun [countable]  1 TTWa kitchen on a ship The fire extinguishers are stored in the galley.2 SHTTWa long low Greek or Roman ship with sails which was rowed by slaves in the past3 technical a) TCNa tray used in the process of printing books etc which holds type b) (also galley proof)TCN a sheet of paper on which a new book is printed, so that mistakes can be put right before it is divided into pages
Examples from the Corpus
galleyThey were far from the most expensive items in the Horwitch galley.A stout, stainless steel pillar between deckhead and cabin sole in the galley area forms a useful handhold.It is now a four-star hotel with a dozen youngsters in the galley and experienced actors on the bridge.I moved into the galley and fired up the grill.The galley was well-armed and it was unlikely that Sir James would give any assistance.A man stood in the tiny galley.He left his comfortable position as spiritual advisor to Madame de Gondi and began to work as a minister to galley slaves.
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