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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgalorega‧lore /ɡəˈlɔː $ -ˈlɔːr/ adjective [only after noun]  LOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNTin large amounts or numbers bargains galore in the sales
Examples from the Corpus
galoreAt the flea market, there were quilts, furniture, and books galore.There are also chair lifts galore.Lots of fun for the kids! Rides and games galore!Great visuals, great performances, great soundtrack, plus cameos galore.He fitted her out with catalogues galore.Here, there were Tories, children, animals - and photo-opportunities - galore.The company had had data galore.There are bargains galore in our summer sale.The sandy beach of Magalluf boasting a variety of watersports and bars galore is only 600 metres away.I hope that you are all now inspired to knit jackets and cardigans galore just to practice buttonholes.
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