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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishganglinggan‧gling /ˈɡæŋɡlɪŋ/ adjective  TALL PERSONunusually tall and thin, and not able to move gracefully syn lanky an awkward gangling teenager
Examples from the Corpus
ganglingPerhaps she felt she might look old with a gangling adolescent son round the place.Over in the dock the accused, a gangling boy of about nineteen, was smirking.He, the gangling lad, always head and shoulders above his classmates and always sniffing.A gangling mixed breed of Labradors and mongrel hounds and terriers.At the next rack a gangling teenager in jeans was looking at Brass Band Selections.He was tall and gangling with a slack mouth and appeared to be holding something behind his back.
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