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gangrenegan‧grene /ˈɡæŋɡriːn/ noun [uncountable]  MIa condition in which your flesh decays in part of your body, because blood has stopped flowing there as a result of illness or injurygangrenous /-ɡrɪnəs/ adjective
Examples from the Corpus
gangreneI'd never met gangrene before.Doctor Cooper said he would die of gangrene.Rots also increased on recipient tubers when the donors were heavily infected but were free of gangrene lesions.There is also a risk of gangrene due to poor circulation, plus cataracts and possible kidney failure.Many displayed the malign green of corruption, the verdigris of spiritual gangrene.Each day they removed more of the man's body, snipping ahead of the gangrene, though never taking quite enough.Some had been tortured, and one had lost half of each foot to gangrene.The judge said, when gangrene sets in, the doctor has no choice but to amputate.
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