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gangwaygang‧way /ˈɡæŋweɪ/ noun [countable]  1 TBBTTa space between two rows of seats in a theatre, bus, or train syn aisle2 TTWa large board or steps between a boat and the shore for people to walk down3 gangway!
Examples from the Corpus
gangwayIts verandah was lined with potted shrubs, and connected to the bank by a gangway.But at last they reached the top of the crowded gangway.She hurried downstage and scampered down the makeshift gangway to the auditorium floor.As he emerged from the narrow gangway he was momentarily blinded by bright lights shining straight into his eyes.Hands white with cold, they struggled along the gangway and down the stairs.The water was down, the gangway steep, and everything stank of tide and mud and rotting wood.Ezra joined him wordlessly and stepped up to the opposite end of a full barrel and dragged it to the gangway.The gangway lamps seemed to give no light, only add further to the gloom of the dusk.
gangway!gangway!spokenCAREFUL used to tell people in a crowd to let someone go through gangway
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