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garbagegar‧bage /ˈɡɑːbɪdʒ $ ˈɡɑːr-/ ●●● S3 noun [uncountable]  1 especially American EnglishDH waste material, such as paper, empty containers, and food thrown away syn rubbish British English Can you take out the garbage when you go?2 BADstupid words, ideas etc syn rubbish British English You’re talking garbage.3 garbage in, garbage out
Examples from the Corpus
garbageSuch costly advances in disposal have strengthened big garbage companies, but are putting small ones out of business.Don't buy from that store -- most of the stuff there is garbage.Material suitable for deep sea dumping included sewage sludge, industrial waste, and toxic ashes left after the incineration of garbage.The attic was full of all kinds of garbage, including an old stereo and boxes of broken toys.When the rains came, they huddled under umbrellas and makeshift tents and donned ponchos or raincoats fashioned from plastic garbage bags.You can throw out all the stuff in that cupboard, it's garbage.But, oh, how the garbage is sanitised and transmuted by the alchemy of the machine!The garbage is under the sink.take out the garbageThe man will more often take out the garbage, wash the dishes, and do other chores around the house.List all the essential tasks from buying groceries to taking out the garbage.
From Longman Business Dictionarygarbagegar‧bage /ˈgɑːbɪdʒˈgɑːr-/ noun [uncountable] COMPUTING information in a computer memory that is no longer needed or wantedThese areas of dead memory are called garbage.
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