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garden centre

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garden centreˈgarden ˌcentre noun [countable]  British EnglishDLG a place that sells plants, flowers, and equipment for gardens syn nursery American English
Examples from the Corpus
garden centreEventually it blossomed into a garden centre.From a busy garden centre, the company supplies roses, shrubs, trees and bedding plants, all at competitive prices.In fact garden centre granite would do, and is very cheap.I recently saw them at my local garden centre.A new garden centre has opened which specialises in plants which can't be bought anywhere else.Although they always look so tempting on the garden centre shelf, they are known to be very hard to please.Next step you would think is to go to the garden centre and look for holly bushes with boy and girl names?Locally, fleece may be available from your garden centre but do check the quality and price before buying.
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