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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgargantuangar‧gan‧tu‧an /ɡɑːˈɡæntʃuən $ ɡɑːr-/ adjective written  BIGextremely large syn gigantic a meal of gargantuan proportions gargantuan task
Examples from the Corpus
gargantuanOf all her mistakes, this was the most gargantuan.The biggest buildings in the world were under construction, but none so gargantuan as those Gillette projected.The gargantuan effort was conducted under almost unimaginable conditions of hardship and coercion.As the snow accumulates from that little boreal patch, growing inexorably year after year, gargantuan ice sheets begin to form.The executives' gargantuan incomes derive from their power over what has become an increasingly scarce factor of production, capital.This meal may of course be of gargantuan proportions and much snacking of high-energy foods may precede its consumption.a gargantuan taskA gargantuan Teddy boy was standing in the stalls, looking down at his feet.
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