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garmentgar‧ment /ˈɡɑːmənt $ ˈɡɑːr-/ ●●○ noun [countable]  formalDCC a piece of clothing She pulled the garment on and zipped it up.garment industry/factory/district etc She works in the garment district of Manhattan.outer/upper garment The outer garment was a loose-fitting robe. undergarmentRegisterGarment is used in business contexts, especially in American English, to talk about the business of making and selling clothes. In everyday English, people usually say clothes (plural):What kind of clothes was she wearing?
Examples from the Corpus
garmentScabbards, broken arms, artillery horses, wrecks of gun carriages, and bloody garments strewed the scene.Police said anyone offered cheap garments should contact them on.Do not throw any of them away: writers make new garments out of castoffs all the time.We are new people inside, so our outward garments should reflect that.Most clothes were of woven wool or linen, and the richest people even had silk garments.Berda Morley, who opened the store last May, spent years working in sales and design in the garment industry.Once lodged in the seams of the clothing, they remained until time moldered the garments.The garment industry has grown by 20% in this area in the past five years.Only two garments may be taken into the changing room.A heavy investment in new machinery was needed before Ashley Mountney could offer wool garments.garment industry/factory/district etcFor nearly three decades, he worked in Woodbury at a garment factory near his home.The company supplies a range of customers - hospitals, hotels, the leisure and garment industries.She started working in the Baltimore garment factories, helping with newsletters and worker organization.An example of this process is in the fashion garment industry.Young people in service industries, garment industries, catering and shops, no longer have legal minimum rights covering wages and holidays.Minnie had three children and continued to work almost constantly in the garment factories.Berda Morley, who opened the store last May, spent years working in sales and design in the garment industry.The concentration of ethnic minority women workforce in the garment industry owned by minority businessmen is a good illustration.
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