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garnetgar‧net /ˈɡɑːnɪt $ ˈɡɑːr-/ noun  1 [countable]DCJ a dark red stone used as a jewel2 [uncountable]CC a dark red colour
Examples from the Corpus
garnetOf the rest, turquoise ranks in his third and garnet in his second grade.After the first coat, sand with 240 grit garnet finishing paper.A mineral like garnet, for example, has a number of varieties.Kent also seems to have been the major importer of garnet, although the actual amount that survives has not been quantified.Long terry robe in choice of pink, crimson or garnet, $ 45.Real garnet and gold heart-shaped earrings, $ 49. 99.Greenhouse roofs rippled from salmon to garnet with the cold winds of sunset.It is gold with vivid garnet eyes and when wound up runs around in circles.
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