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garnisheegar‧ni‧shee1 /ˌgɑːnɪˈʃiːˌgɑːr-/ (also garnish /ˈgɑːnɪʃˈgɑːr-/) verb [transitive] LAW if a court of law garnishees someone’s money or property, it orders an organization holding it, for example a bank or an employer, to send it to the court in order to pay that person’s debtsMilitary law holds armed forces personnel responsible for their debts, and wages can be garnisheed to pay them.One method of getting your money back is to obtain agarnishee order requiring money to be paid out of your debtor’s bank account.garnishment noun [countable, uncountable]Five states, including Texas, don’t permit garnishment of wages.
Related topics: Law
garnisheegarnishee2 noun [countable] LAW a person, or the organization that is holding their money or property, who has been given an official order from a court stating that wages or property will be taken to pay back a debt
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