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gartergar‧ter /ˈɡɑːtə $ ˈɡɑːrtər/ noun [countable]  1 DCCa band of elastic (=material that stretches) worn around your leg to keep a sock or stocking up2 American EnglishDCC one of four pieces of elastic fixed to a woman’s underwear and to her stockings to hold them up syn suspender British English
Examples from the Corpus
garterWhat is a garter bar supposed to do?A checkered garter snake gave birth to three baby snakes in the ginger belt at the edge of the rain forest.If Jake found out he would have her guts for garters!Her garters were down to her ankles.Legs green with red garter, bill red with yellow tip.She did this every evening, and every evening a hundred hands went up to catch the garter.Baldwin became an earl and a knight of the garter.Knitting as much as possible with the garter carriage is not always the quickest way to complete a garment.
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