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gas/electricity/water etc supply

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgas/electricity/water etc supplygas/electricity/water etc supplySERVICESa system that is used to supply gas etc the public water supply If you fail to pay your bill, you run the risk of having your electricity supply cut off (=stopped). supply
Examples from the Corpus
gas/electricity/water etc supplyBut neither at school nor at home was there a gas supply.Is there an electricity supply? 7.The companies plan to apply the concept to gas and electricity supplies as well as security systems.This' black rain' left a sticky oily coating on people, livestock, crops, water supplies and buildings.That left municipal water supply as the sole conceivable justification.It is claimed the dust left behind pollutes water supplies.The cisterns were the huge catchment tanks which held the city's water supply.
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