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gashgash /ɡæʃ/ noun [countable]  MIa large deep cut or hole in something, for example in a person’s skin Blood poured from a deep gash in her forehead.see thesaurus at injurygash verb [transitive] One day Frank gashed his hand on a bit of broken glass.
Examples from the Corpus
gashThomas suffered a gash above his left eye.a gash in the sidewall of a tireThe bloody gash behind his left ear had been cut with a machete.There was, at the back, a deep gash.There was a great gash torn in his world.Something had made a long gash in the side of the booth.Plenty of action, plenty of gash.The gash in its throat was shocking, but not pathetic.The accident left her with an ugly gash above the left eye.Now think again of the wound on Hector's face - a heavy blow, a wide gash.deep gashThere was, at the back, a deep gash.Theroux had a deep gash on his face, neckache, altitude sickness and a damaged wrist.These spines are capable of producing a deep gash, and consequently these fishes should be handled with care.After struggling free he went to nearby Bassetlaw Hospital where doctors closed the quarter-inch deep gash.
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