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gatewaygate‧way /ˈɡeɪt-weɪ/ ●○○ noun  1 [countable]DH the opening in a fence, wall etc that can be closed by a gate2 gateway to something3 TD[countable] a way of connecting two computer networks
Examples from the Corpus
gatewayAeromanager features a gateway to Enginedatacenter.com, a new data systems and solutions service.Screening routers and application gateway firewalls are frequently used in combination when security concerns are very high.Tables are installed at gateways and usually comprise distinctive paving materials.London's Heathrow Airport is the dominant gateway in Europe.Prices for the enhanced gateways begin at £1,750, but there is no word yet on upgrade prices for existing users.The Chamber of Commerce billed the village as the gateway to the Catskills.No complete buildings are intact, but there are extensive remains in walling, gateways, arches and in tombs.You want me to be your gateway to another world?
From Longman Business Dictionarygatewaygate‧way /ˈgeɪt-weɪ/ noun [countable]1COMMERCEsomething that gives a person, company or country the opportunity to do something successfully or make progress in some waygateway to/into/betweenThe British are heading for Texas in an attempt to open a gateway to Mexico’s potentially huge markets.Hong Kong is a criticaleconomic gateway between the mainland and the outside world.2COMPUTING a device on a computer that makes it possible to connect it to another computer of a different type or on a different NETWORK SYN ROUTEREmail gateways already connect various US networks to a growing global infrastructure.Internet gateways3British EnglishLAW in Britain, arrangements that allow companies to do things that would not normally be allowed. Gateways mainly relate to the RESTRICTIVE TRADES PRACTICES ACTThe regional unemployment gateway was successfully pleaded, where it was argued that sales restrictions would increase unemployment in the area.
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