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gatheringgath‧er‧ing /ˈɡæðərɪŋ/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 MEETa meeting of a group of people a select gathering of 20 or 30 people2 intelligence/information etc gathering3 DCCa fold or group of folds in cloth
Examples from the Corpus
gatheringSo any gathering may seem suspicious to the police.They announced their engagement at a family gathering in Vermont.Meanwhile I was to be foisted on my reluctant Aunt Harriet, whom I had only previously met at family gatherings.He wanted to set up seventy-five gatherings a year!The Museum hosted a large gathering of people associated with 627.a large gathering of war veteransIt was quite a small gathering but the speeches were excellent.Soon afterwards, the gathering broke up and the guests took their leave.And villagers walking past gave the gathering a wide berth, and spat in disgust with disparaging comments.There was one last entity present at this gathering, but he was of ethereal stock and invisible to the naked eye.