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gauzegauze /ɡɔːz $ ɡɒːz/ noun [uncountable]  1 DHvery thin transparent material with very small holes in it2 (also gauze bandage American English)MH thin cotton with very small holes in it that is used for tying around a wound His hands were wrapped in gauze bandages.3 a material made of thin threads of metal or plastic They covered the tubes with wire gauze.gauzy adjective a gauzy white dress
Examples from the Corpus
gauzeLike all paintings of its period, it had a veiled quality, as though it were covered in dark gauze.I lay on the floor in the pale gauze of winter twilight, recalling all the Great Women of the Telephone.The electrodes were made from platinum-blacked platinum gauze to minimize electrode polarization at low frequencies.His gunman would appear behind a strip of scenic gauze.Under these conditions the methane jets pushed the candle flame outside the gauze, causing explosions.Put the gauze in position and place the cover over to keep out light.
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