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gear lever

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gear leverˈgear ˌlever noun [countable]  TTCa metal rod that you move in order to control the gears of a vehicle
Examples from the Corpus
gear leverBut the group selector, like the main gear lever, does ask for more than average effort from its user.The high-low button on the gear lever is a pleasure to work with; so is the forward-reverse selector.No palm print on the gear lever, for instance.It'd take all of you to shift the gear lever.Through the middle-of-the-night streets, seem to have forgotten how to drive, is this the gear lever?Vasili glanced over his shoulder, his foot already on the brake and his hand dipping towards the gear lever.He let Lily steer and work the gear lever and promised to teach her how to drive.The gear lever also chatters in its plastic cup, if it has not been replaced try that.
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