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gearboxgear‧box /ˈɡɪəbɒks $ ˈɡɪrbɑːks/ noun [countable]  TTCthe system of gears in a vehicle
Examples from the Corpus
gearboxIt does not need a gearbox, and it needs little maintenance.The V8 will not fit the 4 cylinder gearbox without an adaptor plate and suitably made engine mounts.Only then, typically, would it become part of a steam engine, gearbox, or pump.And it even has a twist-and-go gearbox.The cab is new, too, and a 16 forward and 4 reverse gearbox is fitted.The four speed gearbox seems to be very high geared.The Zelor 9540 now sports an all-synchro gearbox.But performance is poor, the steering light and lifeless, ergonomics messy and the gearbox jerky.
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