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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgender-specificˌgender-speˈcific adjective  SSEX/GENDERrelating only to males or only to females gender-specific language
Examples from the Corpus
gender-specificBetween you, two sets of speculations unfurl, speculations that correspond to gender-specific concerns.The quest for greater knowledge was underpinned by a highly gender-specific discourse on sexuality.Being unemployed has all the social, psychological and moral effects characteristic of men but with additional gender-specific dynamics.Psychoanalysts influenced by feminism may try to develop methods sensitive to gender-specific experiences.However, the concern was gender-specific, focusing on men and appearing unnecessary or irrelevant for women.The point is that the differences and similarities are not necessarily mutually exclusive; rather, they both raise gender-specific issues.Try to avoid gender-specific language such as "mankind, " which seems to refer only to men.Second, the law is gender-specific, singling out women for more lenient treatment.
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