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general practiceˌgeneral ˈpractice noun  1 [uncountable]MNSCL the work of a doctor or lawyer who deals with all the ordinary types of illnesses or legal cases, rather than one specific type2 [countable]MNSCL a group of lawyers or doctors who do all types of work
Examples from the Corpus
general practiceThe variation in referral rates among general practice was much less than that reported in hospitals.We recommend the following guidelines for antibiotic treatment of acne in both hospital and general practice.This approach would have to be aimed primarily at general practice.Editor, - Renewed interest in the activities and professional training of counsellors in general practice is welcome.This may be the medical adviser, whose background as a partner in general practice is particularly useful in three ways.Influential in child psychiatry for over thirty years, Kahn moved into that field from the excellent springboard of general practice.Ashore, Stan Weatherall and Peter Harris followed the general practice in a beach-head: lending a hand where they could.
From Longman Business Dictionarygeneral practiceˌgeneral ˈpractice [countable]LAW a firm of lawyers who do many different types of legal work practice
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