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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgeneralitygen‧e‧ral‧i‧ty /ˌdʒenəˈræləti/ noun (plural generalities)  1 [countable usually plural]DETAIL a very general statement that avoids mentioning details or specific cases The Secretary of State has given us nothing today but bland generalities.2 the generality of something3 [uncountable] formalUSEFUL the quality of being true or useful in most situations
Examples from the Corpus
generalityHowever, the descent into generality applies to all words, and is not confined to any one syntactic category.The markers that are characteristic of a variety perform social functions at lower and higher levels of generality.At whatever level of detail or generality, culture consists of signs which are structured and organized like those of language itself.At the same time, the incident showed his liability to argue from passion and personal animus to philosophical or political generality.This gives rise to discretionary decisions by adjudicators and administrators, undermining generality and discrediting the ideal of the rule of law.
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