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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgenerallygen‧er‧al‧ly /ˈdʒenərəli/ ●●● S2 W1 adverb  1 IN GENERALconsidering or relating to the whole of a thing or group, rather than to details or specific cases or parts syn broadly It was generally a positive conversation. She’s not really ill, just generally run-down.[sentence adverb] Generally, part-timers work in low-status, low-wage occupations. The second survey was concerned with working-class culture more generally.2 IN GENERALby or to most people syn widelygenerally regarded/accepted/known etc The plants are generally regarded as weeds. a generally accepted view It could be five years before the drug is generally available.3 USUALLYusually or most of the time syn usually I generally get in to work by 8.00.4 generally speaking
Examples from the Corpus
generallyIt is now generally accepted that the so-called "Hitler Diaries' were forgeries.The twenty-five articles of the decree were far-reaching and generally beneficial.Okay, so it generally gives us the setting for the story.The quality of the food here is generally good.His first year as President was generally regarded as a success.Morrison is generally regarded as New York's best defensive player.Looking at the administrative and financial arrangements more generally, the diminution of political concern is remarkable.Generally, the team has been more successful at home.The tax incentive is applied generally to all adoptions, foreign and domestic.A tax or taxes on energy generally were possible approaches.generally regarded/accepted/known etcOne well-known and generally accepted approach to the problem is the residual theory of dividend policy.There, passenger traffic was light, and was generally regarded as a nuisance.Power is legitimate authority in that it is generally accepted as just and proper by members of society as a whole.For this reason, it is generally regarded as the drug of choice for acute gouty arthritis.It was coming to be generally accepted by 1880 that the state was the proper political expression of the nation.The media continue to publish favorable reports on prediction claims that are not generally accepted by the scientific community.The alternative interpretation, now generally accepted, is that it is more efficient if there is only one firm.Medicine has generally regarded the placebo effect as a nuisance: it does make research on new medical drugs very difficult.
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