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generally speaking

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgenerally speakinggenerally speakingIN GENERALused to introduce a statement that is true in most cases but not always Generally speaking, the more expensive the stereo, the better it is. generally
Examples from the Corpus
generally speakingWell the gay population usually tips much better, generally speaking.But generally speaking, champions are built from something more.By s.4 land generally speaking is not property which can be stolen.Generally speaking, older people are less able to speak up for their rights.But, generally speaking, the economy had by 1937 recovered to the level reached before the Depression started in 1929.They are, generally speaking, the most expensive type.Progress would enhance the wealth of those who, generally speaking, were already rich but not that of the masses.People living in a family need to know, generally speaking, who will do what and when it will happen.If you use straw as bedding for farm animals, generally speaking you improve the welfare of those animals.
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