Date: 1500-1600
Language: French
Origin: généreux, from Latin generosus 'born into a high rank', from genus; GENUS


1 someone who is generous is willing to give money, spend time etc, in order to help people or give them pleasure [≠ mean]
generous to
She's always very generous to the kids.
generous with
Jim is very generous with his time.
it/that is generous (of somebody)
It was generous of them to ask Anna along.
generous offer/support/donation etc
my employer's generous offer to pay the bill
2 larger or more than the usual size or amount [≠ measly]:
a generous glass of wine
generous amount/helping/measure etc
a generous helping of pasta
He had a well-shaped, generous mouth.
3 sympathetic in the way you deal with people, and tending to see the good qualities in someone or something [≠ mean]:
She was generous enough to overlook my little mistake.
generously adverb:
Please give generously to the refugee fund.

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