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genocidegen‧o‧cide /ˈdʒenəsaɪd/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  SCCKILLthe deliberate murder of a whole group or race of peopleethnic cleansing The military leaders were accused of genocide.genocidal /ˌdʒenəˈsaɪdl◂/ adjective a genocidal regime
Examples from the Corpus
genocideSimilar arguments have been used by white men to justify slavery and genocide of native peoples.In recent history, the existence of prejudice has led to violence and genocide.Answer to above: from Mark Fritz Sure, I think organized population transfers make sense, if the alternative is genocide.The only word that applies is genocide.What is going on is not just war, it is genocide.The fugitives, two of whom have been recaptured, are accused of genocide, mass murder and other crimes.Several of the military leaders have been accused of genocide.There is, after all, a long history of wife-beating and of genocide, but that does not make them excusable.
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