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gentiangen‧tian /ˈdʒenʃən/ noun [countable]  HBPa small plant with blue or purple flowers that grows in mountain areas
Examples from the Corpus
gentianAmong the plants are meadow clary, silver centaury and early gentian.Beds planted with summer filling of tiger lilies, carnations, sweet peas, poppies, marigolds, gentians and fuchsias.He then unfolded and mounted his own, circular, of gentian violet gently banded with the lovely Dior gold.Convenient and effective dyes for introducing into water flows include potassium permanganate, gentian violet, and methyl blue.We picked gentians and edelweiss in Kashmir and hibiscus and bougainvillaea in our own garden.There was also some gentian violet and Eusol.For some reason every species is blue-violet: lupine, blue-eyed grass, thistle, gentian.
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