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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgeographicalge‧o‧graph‧i‧cal /ˌdʒiːəˈɡræfɪkəl◂/ ●○○ (also geographic) adjective  1 relating to the place in an area, country etc where something or someone isgeographical area/location/position a large geographical area their geographical proximity to Japan (=nearness to Japan)2 relating to geography geographical research workgeographically /-kli/ adverb
Examples from the Corpus
geographicalThere were both geographical and historical reasons for this exodus towards the West.Clustering of high fertility families, and geographical and social isolation of some estates, may be important too.Yet here was a view of the Earth that showed no political, racial or geographical boundaries.On a global turnover of £656 million in 1991/2, the geographical break down was: U.S. 38.4%.These two techniques of casting are regarded as distinct and having different geographical distributions.The police demarcated the city into eighteen geographical divisions, the gangs and races into thousands.Each place will tend to support a particular kind of instrument, depending on geographical factors and the available flora and fauna.geographical maps of the areaIt involves transformation of data so that they are reported at a comparable geographical scale, projection and set of geographical units.geographical area/location/positionMr Foster, for the appellants, submits that it means the inhabitants of a particular geographical area.Her population, geographical position, army and industrial strength made her the leading continental nation.He says that the community would be split, with strange geographical areas being merged.Civilizations as geographical areas Civilizations, vast or otherwise, can always be located on a map.Moreover, they are inclined to deal with geographical areas in turn.However, the expertise it has developed serves a much wider geographical area than the West Midlands, where it is based.Linguistic ability posed special problems where one particular geographical area was concerned.The geographical area where each sale was made; 6.
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