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geometryge‧om‧e‧try /dʒiˈɒmətri $ -ˈɑːm-/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  HMthe study in mathematics of the angles and shapes formed by the relationships of lines, surfaces, and solid objects in spacegeometric
Examples from the Corpus
geometryI got a D-plus on a geometry test.This, in turn became a basic geometry for the pointed gothic arch.There are also a few experiments in Earth geometry that gain from the rapid transfer of data between distant schools.In many experiments, the entry geometry has involved sharp edges or corners and there was probably a region of separated flow.However, this revelation did not bring about the destruction of Euclidean geometry, it simply added to it.The biometric security market also includes voice recognition and hand geometry devices.The first development as Ra is increased from a value a little above critical is a change in the geometry of steady convection.Figure 2 clearly shows the geometry involved.
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