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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishGeordieGeor‧die /ˈdʒɔːdi $ ˈdʒɔːr-/ noun British English informal  1 [countable]SAN someone from Tyneside in northeast England2 [uncountable]SAN a way of speaking that is typical of people from Tyneside
Examples from the Corpus
GeordieA similar process is also taking place in darts led by an exuberant Geordie commentator with a Cambridge History degree.She got to her feet and went to gather Geordie up into her arms.Gazza's goal convinced Maradona there is no greater player on earth than the irrepressible Geordie.Horsley just smiled, his large relaxed frame and confident bonhomie contrasting sharply with the abrupt style of the little self-made Geordie.Leicester's Geordie boss Brian Little, in contrast, paraded his strongest side but they rarely threatened Newcastle.But the Geordie cartoonist says producing the anarchic Viz is no longer a laughing matter.He is a cheerful fellow with a typical Geordie sense of humour.
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