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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgermaneger‧mane /dʒɜːˈmeɪn $ dʒɜːr-/ adjective formal  CONNECTED WITHan idea, remark etc that is germane to something is related to it in an important and suitable way syn relevantgermane to an article which is germane to the subject being discussed
Examples from the Corpus
germaneThese questions are especially germane in comparative research, where the analyst attempts to specify how the structure-function patterns vary between states.Because altruistic love was germane to both, he could argue for a perfect union.These are entirely germane to snapshot photographs of the time, or for that matter any time.Work by other engineers was obviously germane to the investigation of geomorphological processes but was not fully appreciated until the 1960s.The Articles which are germane to the subject being discussed here are Articles 10 and 11.Such a search is not germane to therapy.germane toHe wanted to find anyone with information germane to the case.
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