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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishGestapoGe‧sta‧po /ɡeˈstɑːpəʊ $ -poʊ/ noun   the Gestapo
Examples from the Corpus
GestapoIt's a Gestapo Officer's silk handkerchief.His companions took extreme precautions against being followed: the place, they said, was alive with Abwehr and Gestapo men.Then the f - ing Gestapo picked us up.She knew what that meant. Gestapo.Two impassive cops in shiny black raincoats levelled guns like the Gestapo rehearsing for a massacre.The man sitting next to her grandmother wore the distinctive sharp-peaked cap of the Gestapo and Peach froze with horror.There would be a massive archive somewhere if we had ever lived under the Stasi or the Gestapo.The Gestapo captain had checked the papers of the two truck-drivers and found them in order.
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