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get a move on

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishget a move onget a move onspokenHURRY used to tell someone to hurry move
Examples from the Corpus
get a move onGet a move on or we'll be late!I think we'd better get moving, it's only five minutes to boarding time.They keep shifting around and getting moved on and everyone acts like they're a general nuisance.He'd better get a move on.Come on Sally, get a move on!If we didn't get a move on there wouldn't be a route left to do!If Sister doesn't get a move on, they could always content themselves with the shortest children's story ever told.Senior commission officials say that it is up to national governments to get a move on.She had to get a move on if she was going to make it to the city before noon.We have heard recently that Trafford is working on the same lines, so we will have to get a move on.My brother-in-law began setting up our platform, and I made the mistake of telling him to get a move on.
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