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get away with murder

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishget away with murderget away with murderinformalPUNISH to do anything you want, even things that are wrong, without being punished She lets those kids get away with murder. murder
Examples from the Corpus
get away with murderBut the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors is angry that some other local authorities are letting agents get away with murder.He can get away with anything, he could get away with murder and my mom would still love him.Sorcerer thought he could get away with murder.Where are these men when, as you say, there are men literally getting away with murder?In those days people throughout the organization often got away with murder.They get away with murder because of their buying power.I think the women of your time have been allowed to get away with murder.When we played them last week, the officials let Erik Williams get away with murder.
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