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get/be wise to somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishget/be wise to somebody/somethingget/be wise to somebody/somethinginformalFIND OUT to realize that someone is being dishonest Teachers quickly get wise to students who are cheating. wise up at wise2 wise
Examples from the Corpus
get/be wise to somebody/somethingBut it seems doubtful if theologies would be wise to regard that importance as the beginning and the end of their business.Confidence just got wise and the guys it got wise to are wondering where it has gone.He's not and would be wise to bite his tongue.It is wise to remember that these men were competing at a time when the black presence was of only tiny significance.Perhaps it would be wiser to run now and ask questions later.Still, it always is wise to hedge our bets about the future.The old tramp has served his purpose, but beyond this point it would not be wise to go.With ear-shattering shrieks echoing around the square, I decided it would be wise to wonder elsewhere.
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