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get better

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishget betterget betterIMPROVEto improve Her English isn’t really getting any better. Things can only get better. better
Examples from the Corpus
get betterWhen you've been blown to bits, as Zimmerman had, you either train hard or you don't get better.Living conditions may get worse before they get better.I don't mind training hard, because you get better and better all the time.So the Giants do have to get better, and history suggests rather strongly that better means not staying the same.Braden's teams always get better as the season goes on.The first part of the book is pretty boring, but it gets a lot better as the story goes on.He was getting better every day, so much better, and yet business got worse and worse.At school I sometimes used to get better marks than him, but that was when he chose not to exert himself.I didn't remember anything about the accident, but little by little, as I got better, memories started coming back to me.Get some rest and get better, okay?And has it got better or worse?Even Quayle is getting better press than me.Four decades ago in Britain girls were getting better results than boys in the 11-plus exam.My back has been quite bad recently, but it's getting better slowly.I hope the weather gets better soon.I hope you get better soon.If things don't get better, we may end up having to sell the house.To keep getting better, you must improve.
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