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get/enter into the spirit (of something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishget/enter into the spirit (of something)get/enter into the spirit (of something)TAKE PART/BE INVOLVEDto start to feel as happy, excited etc as the people around you Judith couldn’t really enter into the spirit of the occasion. spirit
Examples from the Corpus
get/enter into the spirit (of something)Meanwhile, the audience gets into the spirit of the occasion, courtesy of comedian, Bobby Bragg from Banbury.A good collie enters into the spirit of the hunt, up to a point.Thomas himself got into the spirit.Knowing who was servant and who mistress, I entered into the spirit of the farce.It all began about 15 years ago when Pat Jackson got into the spirit and decided to decorate her house.Flagellation and other exotic practices formed part of its creed and Rasputin entered into the spirit of these with enthusiasm.The children are making decorations to get into the spirit of the season.He tried hard to get into the spirit of the thing.Mercer was entering into the spirit of things, Bambi also but more coolly.
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