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get/find your bearings

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishget/find your bearingsget/find your bearingsa) to find out exactly where you are He paused to get his bearings. b) CONFIDENTto feel confident that you know what you should do next An introduction session helps new students get their bearings. bearing
Examples from the Corpus
get/find your bearingsOzzie drank his beer and got his bearings.She was able to get her bearings this way and soon found herself at the back of the house.It took her a minute to get her bearings.She stopped for a moment to get her bearings.Pausing to get his bearings, he blew furiously on his fingers to cool them down.Without stopping to get his bearings, he began walking up Broadway along the east side of the street.They are there to allow us to find our bearings and set our calendar.To get their bearings Allen once more climbed.
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