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get/go nowhere

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishget/go nowhereget/go nowhereFAILPROGRESSto have no success or make no progress The proposal went nowhere in the Senate.get nowhere with somebody/something He was getting nowhere with the Bentley case.get somebody nowhere A negative attitude will get you nowhere. I soon realized that being tough was getting me nowhere fast (=was not helping me achieve anything). nowhere
Examples from the Corpus
get/go nowhereFlo has been looking for a job but has gotten nowhere.But it's like digging in treacle - you get nowhere.I submit those stats and I get nowhere.Louis Cardinals out in Bloomington, and getting nowhere.Indeed, the trading profit went nowhere in 2000.He goes nowhere in public without enough jewelry to supply a cotillion.I ain't going nowhere near them.He's got nowhere to go but forward.Still, the Raiders will go nowhere until they begin following the rules.
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