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get/have wind of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishget/have wind of somethingget/have wind of somethinginformalFIND OUT to hear or find out about something secret or private You’d better hope the press doesn’t get wind of this. wind
Examples from the Corpus
get/have wind of somethingThe extension director and the Wyoming dean of agriculture finally got wind of what I was up to.The notion of compulsion met a storm of controversy when mental health charities first got wind of the government's thoughts.By February the local press had got wind of the affair.When Johnny misbehaves, parents get wind of it by e-mail before he gets home.So, if she gets wind of Der Vampyr and wants to do it, you can believe it will get done.First it needs to boost its efforts to get wind of military-useful technology at an early stage.Certainly the last thing she wanted was for Max to get wind of it all.If she were to get wind of this.
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