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get/have your (own) way

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishget/have your (own) wayget/have your (own) wayWANTto do what you want to, even though someone else wants something different Don’t let the children always get their own way. way
Examples from the Corpus
get/have your (own) wayShe remembered those days when they had played together as children, too, he always getting his own way.Monica's so spoiled - she always gets her own way.They both push you and have their own ways of motivating you.For two and a half years, the company can have its way.When some one or something stops them from getting their own way, their frustration can build up to explosion point.Basilio still gets his way in the end because he marries his daughter to money.Our genes will take care of that, anyway, and it is natural to let them have their way.Under the genial exterior lay a considerable vanity, and a desire to have his own way.She mostly managed to get her own way with him.
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