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get hold of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishget hold of somethingget hold of something (also get a hold of something American English) to find or borrow something so that you can use it I need to get hold of a car. She managed to get a hold of a copy. hold
Examples from the Corpus
get hold of somethingThen you put a good big handle on it, so that everyone can get hold of it and pick it up.Jack wouldn't shoot so long as he'd got hold of him.It was as though something had got hold of her feet and was trying to pull them.She was absorbedly prodding the aged melon, which she had somehow got hold of.And the first day you arrive you contrive to get hold of this!Wherever he was in the world he managed to get hold of all the important rugby results.I think what happened was that Nick had been hanging around waiting to get hold of her.Could you get hold of the kids, please?
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