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get in on the act

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishget in on the actget in on the actinformalTAKE PART/BE INVOLVED to take part in an activity that someone else has started, especially in order to get a share of the advantages for yourself act
Examples from the Corpus
get in on the actAs the child gets older, other agencies get in on the act.Even small independents are getting in on the act in a modest way, though.Produce stands sell exotic vegetables to Asian customers, and now even supermarkets are getting in on the act.Movie theater chains are expanding rapidly, and even small local theaters are getting in on the act.The Soviet Army, has also been getting in on the act.With Boro in disarray, even Charlton's defenders got in on the act.The Hague Linker is getting in on the act.They are not anxious for others to get in on the act.Democrats want tax cuts - now Republicans want to get in on the act.Now we want to get in on the act.Now that our exporting business to Eastern Europe has grown so successful, everyone wants to get in on the act.
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