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get into your stride

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishget into your strideget into your strideBritish English, hit your stride American EnglishDO WELL to start doing something confidently and well Once I get into my stride, I can finish an essay in a few hours. stride
Examples from the Corpus
get into your strideIn some peculiar way he seemed to be getting into his stride.They were just getting into their stride when they received an invitation from Lila to come to her place.The work had scarcely got into its stride before it was interrupted by the outbreak of the Wars of Independence.If this book has a significant weakness, it is simply that it takes three chapters to get into its stride.By half-past three, when their lessons were normally over, Hugo felt he was getting into his stride.The first speaker was getting into his stride.Just as the teacher was getting into her stride, the whole school was plunged into darkness.
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