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get lost (in something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishget lost (in something)get lost (in something)NOTICEto be forgotten or not noticed in a complicated process or in a busy time It’s easy for your main points to get lost in a long speech. lost
Examples from the Corpus
get lost (in something)Discovering the real Tuscany, we had learned, requires getting lost.In spite of all I could do, it was getting tough to keep from getting lost.Without my markers I was afraid of getting lost.A major issue in hypermedia, however, is the danger of users getting lost among the complex network of multimedia nodes.The many tracks through the woods make it easy to get lost - but that's never bothered me.One of them got lost in the corridors and another dropped some important equipment into the sea.It's easy for your main points to get lost in the middle of a long essay.One could easily get lost in there for ever, Moira F. said.We could get lost in those woods at night, paint or no paint.
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