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get/pick/build up steam

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishget/pick/build up steamget/pick/build up steam (also gather/gain steam) a) FAST/QUICKif an engine picks up steam, it gradually starts to go faster b) IMPORTANTif plans, beliefs etc pick up steam, they gradually become more important and more people become interested in them The election campaign is picking up steam. steam
Examples from the Corpus
get/pick/build up steamIndications the economy may be picking up steam hurt bonds by sparking concern inflation may accelerate, eroding bonds' fixed payments.Cons: Just when the bobsled builds up steam, brakes on the track slow it down.If the economy is picking up steam, the recovery may be nipped in the bud by renewed Fed tightening.Millionaire publisher Steve Forbes, who is suddenly picking up steam?But Dehlavi takes his time getting up steam, leaving a good 20 minutes of surplus slack in these two hours.The black-out protest is expected to pick up steam after the president signs the bill.
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