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get/put somebody’s back up

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishget/put somebody’s back upget/put somebody’s back upBritish English informalANNOY to annoy someone Simone was the kind of person who was always putting people’s backs up. back
Examples from the Corpus
get/put somebody’s back upAt Eagle Butte I stopped and got a clamp, got the pipe back up there some way.She'd even got Bert's back up proper, over his betting and poor old Floss.He treats everyone like children, and that's why he puts people's backs up.Simon naturally put people's backs up.It really gets my back up when salesmen call round to the house.You got to get back up.He had been around the scene for long enough to know how to manipulate meetings without getting everyone's back up.If you get his/her back up, even if you're right, you're dead!
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