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get/put your head down

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishget/put your head downget/put your head downinformal a) to start working in a quiet determined way It’s time you got your head down and did some revision. b) British English to sleep head
Examples from the Corpus
get/put your head downHe was as cranky as a bad-tempered goat, always putting his head down and charging into things that annoyed him.When I saw him in court he was crying, and so was I.. He put his head down.I put my head down and kept stroking.I put my head down into my hands and absented myself mentally.Instead of putting his head down and charging, Balshaw chipped and chased.He simply puts his head down and keeps on scoring goals - lots of them.You chuck down three of them, and then put your head down on your desk.
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