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get (somebody) somewhere/anywhere/nowhere

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishget (somebody) somewhere/anywhere/nowhereget (somebody) somewhere/anywhere/nowhereif you get somewhere, or if an action gets you somewhere, you make progress I think we’re getting somewhere at last. We didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. I’ve tried arguing, but it got me nowhere. get
Examples from the Corpus
get (somebody) somewhere/anywhere/nowhereAnnie A very nice symbolic action, but on its own it gets us exactly nowhere.Continual moaning and criticism of others gets you nowhere.Everyone has got to start somewhere.It doesn't get you anywhere.New York gave you freedom, indulged tastes and vices that could get you hanged somewhere else, but at a price.Looks like he hated Albert more than anything-but he never would let him get a job anywhere else.Anxiety will get you nowhere, wrote Harsnet.
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