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get the message

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishget the messageget the messageinformalUNDERSTAND to understand what someone means or what they want you to do OK, I get the message – I’m going! message
Examples from the Corpus
get the messagePaging from Vodapage gives busy people like you the freedom to go about your business and get the message.Even the Democrats got the message: voters are concerned about taxes.It was when she took a chunk out of my shoulder and nearly bit my damn ear off that I got the message.Lloyd looked at him, then at the ceiling, sighing as he did so, and Lewis got the message.Hopefully he'll get the message and leave me alone.If the Minister has not got the message, perhaps he had better be given it.But some motorists still aren't getting the message.They got the message and ordered Iron Arrow to begin accepting women.He doesn't seem to get the message that he's not welcome here.To get the message across Make contact with people sympathetic to your cause.
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